The dentists and the team of PC2-tandartsen offer you care, personal attention and advice to optimize your oral hygiene. A good condition of your teeth is important for your health in general and not to forget a good appearance!

Our website offers you information about our doctor’s practice, our team, the treatments we offer, visiting hours, information for students and an enrollment form. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or visit our practice if you have any further questions.

In case of emergency

When experiencing a sudden, severe pain, please call us during visiting hours at 040-2930399. Please call 0900-5437745 after visiting hours.

Have a pen and paper ready to write down information.

Becoming a patient

Do you want to become a patient at our dentists? You are welcome to join us! The first appointment is usually available within 7 workdays. You could give your preference about which dentist you would prefer to treat you. You can enroll by contacting us by phone or filling in the enrollment form.

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